This way of stating the problem will help you better understand the complexity of the problem, completely leaving out the solution. The actual problem statement can be listed down for analysis in this segment

What is this for?

This tool is designed to guide you through your first problem validation interviews you conduct to validate whether or not you’re working on a real problem your target audience has. Truly understanding your target customers is key to the success of your venture, and it’s hard to understand people without talking to them.

Tip: Try to go in with an open mind, enjoy the conversation, and focus on really understanding why

Canvas Guide

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it on A3. You can also draw it out on a paper if you can’t print

Step 2

In the WHO section, mention your target audience or beneficiary that you have decided to work with

Step 3

Describe WHAT exactly is the problem you are trying to solve for your Target Audience or Beneficiary.

Step 4

Describe WHY you think this problem needs to be solved by you. Is it really a problem worth solving? Is it actually going to benefit someone? Reflect on all these areas before listing your answers