Suryanarayan – ZBNF farmer from Hussainpuram village in Kurnool district. He is earning a profitable living by growing jasmine and onion in ZBNF method. While he used chemical inputs to grow crops, he was not satisfied with quality of produce harvested and high inputs cost – especially, quality is paramount importance for better price realization.

With rising input costs and lowering yields, triggered Suryanarayan to believe ZBNF method. As a onetime investment, he buys a pair of desi cow to prepare inputs required for his farm. He is certain that there is no or less chance of loss and ensures round-the-year food supply to feed in ZBNF method, mainly the small/marginal farming livelihoods.

In one acre of land, Suryanarayan grows Lily flower intercropped with jasmine and onion. On an average, he invest Rs 50000 for land preparation, seeds/saplings, manuring and labor costs to cultivate lily flower in an acre of land. He sells around Rs 4 lakh worth of lily flowers besides income from onion and jasmine. Mixed cropping and ZBNF methodologies together could reap better profits with reduced usage of inputs. Income security of farming livelihoods depend on growing diverse crops rather than monoculture of certain crops.