Department of Journeys

They always say that ‘the journey is worth taking’.

It may be a painful journey of self-discovery, a fantastic adventure, or a transformational voyage that invites others to join you. Whatever form or destination, it is worth taking.

Every so often, we are so deeply immersed in the mundane that we ignore the beauty of the distant horizon. At the Department of Journeys, we invite you to savour the good, bad, and the ugly of the adventures that lay dormant in our immediate environs. Experience the hopeful and the hopeless, the empowerment and the roadblocks. But through it all, be the hero of your own journey.

We have carefully curate pathways that will unfold for you to explore the world through meaningful interactions. These routes have been handpicked by distilling the experience of those who have delved into complex social issues and pioneered change. Follow the map (or not), to take your first steps in the direct of social equality, and engage with fellow travelers as you understand problems and undertake solutions.

Soon enough, you will be taking bold strides on your own, taking your friends and community along with you.

We promise that at the end of the journey, you will recognize your potential and a world of possibility. More importantly, you will have forged lasting relationships with your travelers.

Programs by Department of Journeys

Creative Leadership Program

 For seasoned volunteers, aspiring social entrepreneurs and activists. For 16 years+

Active Citizenship & Leadership

 For young girls and boys in mid-school. Conducted in Partner School


 For explorers looking to immerse and connect with fellow citizens. Read Empathy.