The Partnership Canvas is an interesting tool and can be very useful for developing the business model for your upcoming alliance, or even to optimize the business model for your existing alliance

What is this for?

The tool can be used to map existing, and design new models for partnerships. The Partnership Canvas helps to break through the boundary of possibilities for innovating with only your own business model.

Canvas Guide

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it on A3. You can also draw it out on a paper if you can’t print

Step 2

List down potential Local NGOs working in the same space, who you could collaborate with.

Step 3

Do a research and find out if there are any organizations that are undertaking similar CSR initiatives and list them down

Step 4

Make a list of all the Community Leaders who are participating in similar line of work

Step 5

Check if there are any Technology/Technical Partners who are providing their technical expertise in your similar area of work and list them down