Creative Leadership Program

How do I discover the creative confidence within, to lead change?

University of Commons invites aspirants to an innovative and experiential learning program, designed to encourage citizens to take initial steps towards active citizenship.

Through carefully crafted workshops and immersions, the program provides an exciting journey for you to discover the creative leader within yourself.

We invite you to come and learn from the world around you!

Level 1

Discover Your Town with Completely New Eyes!

Are you excited to meet new people, gain a new perspective and learn from the surroundings? Then catch us on the weekends. Make every Saturday worth the wait. In this program, you’ll meet a ‘town-full’ of people with different backgrounds speaking the same language of ideas. Explore your town differently and feel a new purple power building up inside you.

To kick-start your journey as a commoner, we’ll take you on tours and help you explore the other side of your city. So gear up and put on your purple tinted glasses to see the world in a different light.Through this program, we aim to push everyone deep into the community but with an empathetic eye along with ‘hero’ thoughts.

Level 2 (Unlocks after Level-1)

Bring your Social Fiction to Life.

As citizens of the Commoner’s Town, we all have positive and powerful dreams for a better community – you would too. This is time for you to bring the Social Fiction that you dreamt of during the Commoner’s Town journey to life.

Learn the art of making purposeful conversations. Build the skills to navigate complex and unknown spaces. Search for leadership qualities within you that you can offer to the local communities. Discover creative dimensions of yourself that you never thought existed.

So put on your purple gloves and get ready to stop thinking and start doing. We welcome you to engage closely with any of UoC’s exciting programs/events or even find your own partner in the social development space who might be able to guide you further.

Level 3 (Unlocks after Level-2)

Launch your Social Entrepreneurship Journey.

Entrepreneurship is a tough path to take. Being a social entrepreneur is an even tougher one. But talk to the likes of Neelam Chibber, Prashant Mehra or Khushboo Awasthi and you’ll realize how deeply rewarding and transformational a journey it can be.

At University of Commons, we strongly adhere to Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of ‘being the change that you want to see in the world’. The third and final phase of Creative Leadership Program is to be the launchpad for committed, driven and action-oriented youths of India to take on the challenging responsibility of leading social change.

Join us to learn from the leaders who are already making the difference, so that you too can work towards creating that much needed DING in the universe!

Snippets from our previous sessions.

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Highlights from Previous Batches


Program Outcomes

Aware Youth

Socially conscious, empathetic and active citizens of the future

Systemic Thinkers

Confidence to tackle social complexities and find deeper, more meaningful interventions

Skilled Individuals

Skilled individuals equipped to take up responsible roles in community building

Active Commoners

Direct entry to pitch your change-making idea at the “Communities Of The Future” Summit that brings together policy makers, social venture donors, and thought leaders

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” ~ Lao Tzu


  • The overall program was great! It showed that reason behind our presence matters than any other details.
    Engineering Graduate from PESIT
  • I have gained confidence to face challenges and start working on them. I would like to work in the field of education and bring some change by building an interest based education system.
    Student @ Jain University | Poet
  • The Creative Leadership Program was really good, the best things about the program was how it was designed. It included all the things which were needed, and according to me for the first time the program delivered what it promised. It moved me totally.
    PhD Scholar | General Secretory, Students Council @ IISc
  • The Creative Leadership Program is really a good platform to explore our leadership qualities. It exposed me to various ground realities of society and immersions were really insightful. I got to know ground realities, about change makers, their journey, which was inspirational.
    Student @ Dayanand Sagar College
  • Structure of program was quite interesting and it keeps the participants engaged. Some of the experiences were really amazing. Kind of people we met during this program were inspiring and true leaders.
    Chairman, Student Council | PhD Scholar @ IISc