Commoner’s Town

Let’s paint the city purple!

 Are you excited to meet new people, gain a new perspective and learn from the surroundings? Then catch us on the weekends. Make every Saturday worth the wait. In this program, you’ll meet a ‘town-full’ of people with different backgrounds speaking the same language of ideas. Explore your town differently and feel a new purple power building up inside you.

University of Commons is expanding their ground and breaking the gates with a new product; Commoner’s town. This is a fictional town, bound by no geographical or societal barriers. It’s a common space with commons being the infrastructure and different mindsets being the routes.

Come explore this town and sign up to become a native.
Let’s shape our future together.

We aim to tap the purple spot
in your brain and heart to make the world a better place.

Commoner’s town program is creatively planned for you to explore the other side of your city. It allows you to be a commoner. So gear up and put on your purple tinted glasses to see the world in a different light.

This program is part of the creative leadership program in University of Commons. It is designed by a group of enthusiastic people to spread love and respect amongst the community. We believe in action, so get ready to hit the field and feed your heart with satisfaction.

Sign up to become a native and download our app be a part of the inclusive community.



  • Purple

    Purple space indicates the base of our very own fictional ‘commoner’s town’. This base is built on the basic understanding, respect and empathy for one another; for all the commons. It also signifies the bank of over-flooding knowledge we derive from our surroundings.

  • Purple Tinted Glasses

    Purple tinted glasses is a tool used to acknowledge the power within you to see the world in a different light. Keeping in mind the purple terminology, see the world with an empathetic eye and be ready to take charge of the wrongs in the community. It’s a power that stays with you throughout even when the surroundings change.

  • Purple Spot in your Heart

    Purple stop in your heart is our target spot. This spot in the heart in the main influence behind our ideology. The purple stop is what will drive you to do better for the society. This spot bleeds empathy and sensitivity towards self-less motives.

  • Feeling Purple

    Feeling purple is the feeling of giving back to the society. Doing your bit, it’s the feeling of satisfaction. This feeling will evoke inside you throughout the journey. It can start from lending a hand to someone to empowering a whole community.

  • Purple Gloves

    Purple Gloves signifies action; the willingness to be in the arena, the energy to get your hands dirty and make a difference. Every time you have a self-less thought, convert that into action by pulling your purple gloves on.

  • Purple Halo

    The purple halo is to identify and honor the people who are way ahead on this path. People who have made significant difference in their sector, keeping in mind the community. This Halo is a batch of honor to thank them for their contribution.

  • Purple Cape

    Purple cape is another batch of honor to acknowledge the hero within you. This is aspirational figure for everyone to take a stand and feed the purple feeling inside you. The hero being the one with a vision complimented by action to do something for the society.



Round 1

Round one is an introduction into the commoner’s town. This round will give you an idea of our vision and the possibilities of our collaboration. It’s the first step in exploring and cultivating the sensitive spot inside you.

Make sure you’re pumped up with energy and are ready to drink from the melting pot of stories, journeys and unique experiences. This drink is forever flowing; don’t let it go to waste and keep sipping on just like the beers on Saturday night. We are excited to meet you. Sign up for the first round and if you love us as much we do, sign up now to be a native.

  1. Purple Market
  2. Purple Dialogues
  3. Heroes
  4. Feeling Purple?

Round 2

Round 2 is an excursion deep into the commoner’s town. It takes you through the obvious surroundings but with a different mindset. So dive deep in the community and find your way up with a purple feeling.

Subscription needed for this round and further

  1. The Purple language
  2. Scan with a purple vision
  3. Purple Shadow

Round 3

Round 3 involves diving deeper in the commoner’s town and finding precious relations on your way up. Interactions with the change makers and a chance to pass on your knowledge and adventures with the future is also on the itinerary.

So gear up with the stated last round as there are more surprises coming your way. Let your purple feelings overflow, you’re very close to the purple cape.

  1. Paint young minds purple
  2. Spot the purple Halo!

Chat with us if you have any questions. To know more about the programs, Download our ‘ Journeys and Stories’ app.

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Join us for the first round and spend your day under the purple influence.