Roots: Youth Unconference

How can I explore, express and nurture creative energies within a group, while tackling complex issues?

Program Vision

Our experiences at UoC have taught us that creativity thrives in spaces that allow for peer learning, collaboration and diversity of perspectives. We also strongly believe that Creative Leadership, with a social consciousness, is the need of the hour to bridge the gap between young talent and India’s social leadership needs.
The idea behind the Roots: Youth Unconference is in fact to introduce tools, techniques and practices that allow participants to collaborate and build dialogue around topics that really matter to them.

Program Methods

The Circle Way

The circle is the basic form underlining all other forms of participatory process.  In every type of organization or group, we meet in circles to plan for the future, handle crisis, and listen to each other. It helps the process if participants can “check in” at the beginning about why they are participating, and “check out” at the end by reflect on what we’ve accomplished. Meeting in circle can be especially helpful when getting to know each other and the issue at hand, or as a means for deep reflection or consensus making. Learn more…

Open Space Technology

When we want to harness the power of a group – especially a diverse one with many interests and skills – to meet a present challenge, Open Space Technology is the method we choose. Over the course of the meeting, people are free to choose which session(s) they most want to attend, bringing maximum enthusiasm and commitment for conversation and action.  Personal buy-in and committed action can be achieved in a remarkably short time. Learn more…

Appreciative Enquiry

Instead of taking a problem-solving approach, Appreciative Inquiry offers a possibility focus, a move from “what is” to “what could be”. Based on a powerful, affirmative question, people interview each other to uncover experiences that resemble what we want to create. Such experiences hold the keys to how we might bring about the future we’re visioning. Appreciative Inquiry can be used to tap into the latent capabilities of the group to create the success they’re seeking. Learn more…


Program Outcomes

Action oriented youth
Comfortable to face ambiguity and chaos
Empathetic to collaborate and co-create with others

What is Unconference?

An Un-conference is an event where the agenda is set by those who attend. And that just means drop all your expectation and come to have some serious fun! The agenda space is vacant for you to bring your themes and questions or you may come without any. Should you feel engaged, learning new things or see yourself contributing, you stay, else you move to a new theme.

But, there has to be an agenda?

At an unconference, no topics have been predetermined, no keynote speakers have been invited, and no panels have been arranged.  Instead, the event lives and dies by the participation of its attendees. Participants decide what topics will be discussed and they convene the individual breakout sessions. In other words, an unconference has no agenda until the participants create it.

Why don’t we do a conference instead?

Unconference is an experiment to self-organize and practice participative leadership & creative abilities of people, inviting them to take responsibility for what they care about. It’s all that what conference isn’t.

The Roots: Youth Unconference is always evolving. We are constantly working towards bringing in complementary methods that further enhance the ability of participants to be creative and collaborative.

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