Grassroots Connect & Leadership Journey

We believe in a better future. And we’re determined to create it. Who’s in?

Want to be a Volunteer…? an Inclusive Leader…? a Change-maker…?

Begin your journey of driving Socio-Economic Inclusion. Meet & live with grassroots entrepreneurs. Make an impact.
Welcome to the flagship Service Learning program by University of Commons. We invite purpose driven individuals, curious and creative young leaders who aim to make deep, transformational impact and who enjoy being part of an ever-changing environment.

About the Journey

We have come this far, in the city in search of good education, work and opportunities. In this journey towards prosperity and personal growth, have we forgotten to give back to communities we come from?

Imagine, if given the opportunity to do good and do well, how would this journey look like?

Help support grassroots entrepreneurs (such as farmers, artisans, weavers) and build leadership acumen for self.
If you believe you are a community leader and a problem solver, then join the human-centered journey that is designed for the growth of farmers, artisans and weavers in rural India and build capacity with young leaders in urban India.
We do this by collaborating with conscious organizations and talented people. We connect competent corporate employees and university students to amazing places (mostly their hometowns), to work alongside hardworking farmers and artisans to create a prosperous nation.

The Opportunity

India is a land of a farmers and artisans, making this an exciting opportunity to get involved at the grassroots, gain hands on experience in development of the nation and make a real difference to people’s lives.¬†Should you wish to also work on your own idea/start-up/college project in the domain, we will create the supporting ecosystem for you.
Increase your socializing skills, build new relationships, make new friends
Add more life to your work-life balance. Add meaning to your career.
Spread the love, receive love.
Travel to distant lands. Get Certified as a Graduate.