How do I deeply connect with my roots and discover true calling in life?

Embark Upon A Life Changing Journey

15 travelers – 4 days – 1000 kms – 1 mission

Wish you could travel in time? Imagine waking up to birds, walking through a forest and exploring local markets. Visualize yourself helping a potter or spinning yarn for a weaver. Or you could be sitting under a large banyan tree listening to a folktale while the fragrance of the wet soil engulfs you.
If you’re someone with the spirit of a traveller – one who loves meeting people, has a curiosity to explore cultures and a passion for expression, the University of Commons invites you to a journey that is packed with adventure, intrigue and life changing experiences.

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What is a Travellership, anyway?

UoC’s Travellerships are 4-day long, carefully curated, immersive journeys around a state in India, that is offered to dynamic, youthful and enthusiastic travellers.
To be chosen as a traveller, you should have a passion for writing, be handy with a camera, and be fine with simple travel and stay.
Your quest, as a traveler, will be to author stories and curate a photo-journal exemplifying the food, art, artists, traditions and the community’s vision for the future.

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Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. ~Rumi

Moments from the recently concluded Travelership, which had ten dynamic travellers explore community farming & eco-friendly agricultural practices in Karnataka

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Travellership Outline

Each travellership takes you on a exciting journey that lets you learn, engage and connect with the local people, art and culture. And through all this, you might just get to also reconnect with yourself.

Deep Immersions

Nothing beats being in the arena! Get inspired by meeting ordinary citizens who are making extra-ordinary changes in their community. Engage closely with people through their stories and history of each community. Build strong relationships and trust with your fellow participants, facilitators and experts.

Curated Pathways

Learn the art of making purposeful conversations. Build the skills to navigate complex and unknown spaces. Search for leadership qualities within you that you can offer to the local communities. Discover creative dimensions of yourself that you never thought existed.

Space for Change

Lose yourself to find yourself. To create something new, it is very important for you to let go of the old and let in an emerging future. Each travellership encourages you to deeply reflect and align yourself to the powerful possibilities that you could step into.

Savor the adventures that lay dormant. We promise that by the end of the journey, you will recognize your potential and a world of possibility. More importantly, you will have forged lasting relationships with your co-travelers.

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Program Outcomes

Find your next exciting adventure
Build Trusted Relationships
Reconnect with your community
Transform Your Self