Travellership – Application Form

If you have not already read, we would recommend you to go through the program outline and other details.

Application Steps:

  1. Register your interest
  2. Chose your Travellership Edition
  3. Join the Travellers Meetup (More details will be sent post-registration)
  4. Final Program Payment & Collection of Traveller Kit

Financial Contribution

The entire expense of the Travellership shall be divided among the travellers. 

Scholarships are available for deserving candidates.

However, should you want to pay more, the excess contribution will be kept aside in a pool of commoners fund to support those who can’t contribute at the moment.


We are not a tour company, please don’t expect swanky homes and restaurant food! 🙂 and we do not promote any form of voluntourism to support NGOs.

Travellership at UoC is an experiment to discover whether people in cities are still willing (or not) to connect with their roots; and if given an opportunity, will they be able to empathize, write about local community and share wisdom of elders.

In next phase, we hope to make ‘travelling to native and building village-wiki’ a mass movement and develop a community deeply connected with empathy.

Upcoming Travellerships

Kerala Chapter (Idukki Edition)

Starts on 12th July, 2018

Karnataka Chapter (Thirthahalli Edition)

Starts on 26th July, 2018

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