Young Leaders Program

Turning children into creative citizens of today and leaders of tomorrow

We are a group of facilitators, practitioners, and parents who follow creative practices with children that lets them experience the big world via small experiences, strengthening core values, and becoming problem solvers. Our work is centered on building capacity with young leaders of tomorrow, today.
At University of Commons, our approach is experiential learning by immersing ourselves in the commons (What is Commons?). After years of practice and research, we have refined working models into pedagogical practices with one aim: overall child development.

Our Methodology

  • The Commoner’s Town

    Centered around Empathy, Discovering Problems and Imagining the World we all desire.

    Children enter the learning journey with an open mind, as an absorbent agent. In this stage, children adapt to participatory leadership practices; working and imagining in collaboration.

    Learners in this stage start to look at the world differently, and appreciate the complexities around them. As they grow through this phase, they develop more holistic perspective.

  • The Doers Challenge

    Focused on mentor lead exposure where they become the ‘doer’.

    It raises the question: What can I do? How can I solve the problem? We begin to interact with the world with greater complexity. In this challenge, the children will find themselves a mentor who will help them achieve their hero ideas

    Awareness doesn’t equal action! Young leaders create lasting change and leave our neighborhoods, cities, and our planet better off than they found it. This phase empowers us to make the world a better place. Together, this is where we cross the chasm of awareness and step onto the road to action.

  • The Commoners Club

    Entry into a collective of young leaders that are inspiration to others.

    As the learners mature with fairly advanced competencies and communicative abilities, they build inspiring competencies.

    The Doers Challenge is the qualifying ground to enter this club. This is a group of handpicked young commoners who have thought big and are on their way to do bigger things. Get your child enrolled in our leadership journey! Checkout our upcoming batches and dates.

What sets us apart?

Young Leaders Program (or YLP) is a platform that encourages children to step up and take charge of the environment around them. It fosters the idea of responsibility and empathy within them through creatively facilitated workshops. We, as parents, as teachers and school leaders will hold their hands throughout to bring out the hero in them.

Book a seat for your child now, and help them unlock their creativity by engaging in the commons!

Master Training, Tool kits, Workbooks, Activity Charts and certificates will be provided by UoC.

Creativity is as important as literacy ~ Sir Ken Robinson