You will have a complete overview of your deliverables, everything you need to launch- new products or services, or to re-design and improve existing ones.

What is this for?

With the help of a Road Map, you will be able to plan all your deliverables in a systematic manner for each quarter

Canvas Guide

Step 1

Download this PDF and print it on A3. You can also draw it out on a paper if you can’t print

Step 2

Mention what your short term and long term Goals are for each quarter. Make sure you list these goals down based on the priority of completion.

Step 3 

List down your Solution/Deliverables that are planned for each phase

Step 4

Mention what are the Risks you could encounter at every stage during your course of action. Also mention ways in which you can mitigate these risks

Step 5

Mention what Resources you would require to operate in each quarter. Also mention what your plan is to mobilize these resources

Step 6

Mention what your Budget looks like in every quarter, along with the strategy to mobilize the budget for your operations.

Step 7

Mention the Stakeholders that you would be dealing with?