Be The Change!

School of Education

We’re nurturing leaders who understand what it takes to create change in our complex, interconnected education ecosystem. School of Education invites fellows for a leadership development program designed to learn and create solutions that inspires future leaders.

Beyond numeracy and literacy, it takes careful nurturing of purpose, values and confidence. Leadership for the 21st century is called upon to meet the interrelated challenges of equality, civic understanding and environment, in addition to supporting the holistic development of the individual.

About The Journey

Understand The System

Spend time in government schools with children, teachers, principals, and parents. Learn about social enterprises and their change-making model. Meanwhile, get a hands-on teaching experience with Active Citizenship & Leaders Program.

Build A Point Of View, Build Solutions

Gain experience in the education system, identify gaps in the system and make an attempt to solve them. Bring your experiences in a competent network of volunteers and fellows to spread the knowledge & impact.

Pitch Your Enterprise

Get equipped with a toolkit that teaches you about grassroots entrepreneurship and problem solving – and together we’ll design a plan for how you can drive social-economic inclusion. Chosen leaders get incubated.

Apply Now!

  • Who Are You?

    Having sitting in classrooms, sitting through lectures and exams, you’ve been wondering “where is the purpose?” You are busy through-out the year and there is no time for integrating a new form of impact learning in your calendar. You’ve been looking for integrated field learning or fellowship.

    Having worked in corporate, in challenging engineering, management and executive roles, you’ve been wondering ‘what next?’. Possibly you have seen many fellowships but couldn’t take the time off work. Or you’ve been looking at ways to take a break but do something completely different.

    You have time and energy but it goes in searching for places during weekends and you end-up watching phone screen.

    Give meaning and joy to your life. And with that you can bring irreversible change in lives of many people.

  • What would you do/learn?

    You’ll drive socio-economic inclusion for poorest of the poor in the country through learning-cum-developmental journey. Provide support and mentorship to grassroots farmers in villages close to Bangalore..

    Activities will include o,learning from farmers, teaching market linkage strategy, partnerships, building societal brands, etc. In the process, practice the MIT U-Lab impact process, take Design Thinking practices to field and learn about basic social entrepreneurship methodologies from UoC Coaches.

    We will equip you with a toolkit that teaches you about grassroots entrepreneurship and problem solving – and together we’ll design a plan for how to drive social-economic inclusion.

  • Who Will You Work With?

    Focus will be on development contexts and poverty reduction; and you would be trained in specific techniques that enable you to support women farmers and artisans link directly to customers. You will then spend the remaining time identifying problems, designing solutions, testing ideas, and building brands.

    You’ll befriend small group of grassroots entrepreneurs, be with them. You will help generating revenue whilst driving social inclusion. You will then design an exit plan for yourself such that they continue to sustain as you finish the program.

    This is also an opportunity to demonstrate and build leadership skills, quite off-beat from a regular classroom lecture on leadership.

  • For How Long?

    We would want you to stay connected with farmer families forever. However the project lasts for six months. 

    The minimum commitment required is 6 X 4 weekends = 50 days, however full-timers, in-sabbatical and people in gap year will be preferred. Interns welcome, a minimum of 50 calendar days of participation is needed. 

  • Inviting Partners

    University of Commons is the choice of many corporates to engage employees at the grassroots, and build real world leadership capabilities. Aligning with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we encourage corporates join us in building the foundation at the pyramid. 

    Service Learning is the new internship. Many universities and colleges partner with us and interning with community problems and encourage students work with dynamic leaders to build work acumen. 

    We invite corporate leaders and university deans to partner and build leadership needed in the 21st century. Reach-out to us at +91 9916188800