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Help Kirana Stores Have An Alter-Life. Apply for


About the Volunteer Program

It’s hard to believe now, but there was not a single branded retail store in India until 1990 and a thriving food ecosystem with unimaginable number of Kirana stores, that were forging many relationships and also a melting pot for many neighborhood discussions. Early 2000s saw the birth of the “hypermarket” and the beginning of the end for traditional grocery stores. We saw Indian and foreign brands mastering the art of altering shopping behavior and became aggressive competition to kirana stores, luring customers in with the promise of one-stop shopping on everything from a TV to a watermelon.
This program is an attempt to work closely with the Kirana Stores and fight back the system that left many thousands entrepreneurs with no option. Volunteer Business Coaches will ensure Kirana stores see an alter life and a successful come back. In about 6 months, working part-time, we will not only see sustainable businesses flourishing but also bring hope to small farmers who could now sell directly to these kirana stores.
The Program brings together a network of young Kirana Warriors (Volunteer Coaches) who bring in effective marketing techniques, technology, and innovative ways that could help rebuild the lost charm, energize new relationships and get more customers do business with local stores.
Join the human-centered entrepreneurship and leadership journey that builds capacity with all stakeholders. Volunteers will bring in their classroom learings and will also undergo a foundation course to assist Kirana store owners and specialize in the following areas:
Digital and Financial Literacy
Marketing, Sales and Branding Practices
Shop Management Practices
Supplier Management
Build Strong Consumer Experiences

As A Change Leader You Will

  • Work with your Business (Marketing, Finance, Supplychain, Economics) professors and bring your classroom concepts into practice; leading to confidence and income increase of the kirana store.
  • Work as a Business Coach with one kirana store in your neighborhood, help increase sales, reduce costs, organize and beat the competition. This could be a existing relationship you have with your neighborhood store or forming a new one.
  • Empathize with the Kirana store owner and work on priority areas, esp. building an entrepreneurs mindset.
  • Work with peer volunteers to organize stores in groups, gather their input needs and reduce costs by aggregating orders.
  • Connect Kirana stores with local farmers and procure fruits and vegetables directly, avoiding all middlemen.
  • Identify opportunities for improving the purchase experience of the end consumer, including taking orders through whatsapp, starting home delivery, digital invoice etc.
  • Improve visibility by executing local campaigns, building a digital foorptint on google maps, facebook, etc.
  • Handhold store owners through their journey of becoming an independent and a resilient entrepreneur.
  • Eligibility

    Language: Fluency in Regional Language
    Age: 20 to 35 Years.
    Education: Students perusing or completed their Bachelors or Masters in Business Adminstration. (MBA, PGDBM, Economics, BBA, BCom preferred)
    Performance: Demonstrate strong academic or extra-curricular performance.

  • Who are you?

    Sitting in your classrooms, if you’ve been wondering “where is the purpose?”

    You are busy through-out the year and there is no time for integrating a new form of impact learning in your calendar. And you’ve been looking for integrated field learning or fellowship.

    Here is your chance to contribute to something meaningful and transform somebody’s life!

  • What would you learn?

    You’ll drive socio-economic inclusion for your local Kirana Stores in the country through learning-cum-developmental journey. Provide support and mentorship to grassroots Owners in your locality.

    Activities will include getting trained and implementing best marketing strategies, mentoring the Kirana store owners about digital and financial literacy, supplier management, goal setting etc.

    This journey is not only an opportunity to bring about a transformation but also helps you co-create a sustainable business.

  • Who will you work with?

    Focus will be on development contexts and poverty reduction; and you would be trained in specific techniques that enable you to support Kirana Store owners and link directly to their stakeholders. You will then spend the remaining time identifying problems, designing solutions and testing ideas. You will be working:

    -Directly with Kirana store owners

    -Stakeholders like retailers, financial advisers etc.

    You will help generating revenue for Kirana Store owners whilst driving social inclusion. You will then design an exit plan for yourself such that community sustains as you finish the program.