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Join the network of innovation labs focused on making positive impact in our communities and building a collective of young leaders.

Seeding 100 Social Innovation Labs in 10 cities in India supporting over 15000+ members, with a shared focus on creating positive impact. Members benefit from a diverse community that provides innovation approach, resources, and opportunities.

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We zero in on a big, persistent problems. Then we build coordinated movements of young leaders to leverage the power of collective, building what it needs to attack problems from all sides and drive big impact on big issues.
Our priority is to ensure all labs get the support and care they need to courageously find possible answers to seemingly impossible problems. We bring the innovation approach, network of social leaders and develop 21st century skills needed to guide doers in tough times.
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Have Big Ambitions?

Start a project and turn it into an enterprise.
When a social project crosses boundaries and gets adopted by communities, it also crosses economic, cultural, legal, political boundaries. We believe, the more boundaries that the solution crosses, the wider and possibly deeper the impact, and the more likely the result is more trans formative change.

Be A Mentor, Enable Young Leaders!

The challenges that labs tackle are not simply black and white—they’re layered, messy and daunting.
Part of the lab’s mentor’s role is to enable members to deepen their understanding of the challenge by helping them to see themselves as part of the system. No one member have the answer, but by working together with the community the lab is able to develop holistic, relevant and responsive solutions.

Push through the failure, sweat and resistance of implementation

On offer are challenging leadership roles.
Roles to become storytellers, journey makers and doers. Build skills needed to push through difficult times and break-out of the safety of the lab. Traditional think-tanks stop at the brainstorming. Take the next steps by trying out solutions based on the realities on the ground. The road to systems change is long and winding.

Be part of the largest network of problem solvers in India.


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