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The Societal Startup

June 2019 to June 2020


Join India’s first participatory entrepreneurial community, collectively solving India’s Livelihood Challenge, competing and learning from each other. Guided through city meetups and web conferences, facilitated by UoC mentors, this peer learning pedagogy pushes enterprising teams into taking action.

The Societal Startup Challenge is an opportunity dedicated to innovative and inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action.

The challenge is designed to foster community involvement and biz-cum-tech innovation by bringing engineers, management graduates, scientists, and business-minded students together in order to shape the world of tomorrow. 

Top 100 teams get access to community benefits such as societal start-up tools, distinguished mentors, technology support, holding peer elevator pitch reviews, workshops, and a spotlight at annual COTF Summit.



Societal Startup Journey Tool Kit

Join UoC’s fully integrated entrepreneurial development program. Up for the challenge? Winning teams join the Societal Innovation Hub

Judge Yourself On...

Social Significance

The effect of your project on the quality of life

Unique Factor

How is your project different and unique from others

Resources Used

The kinds of resources implemented at all stages

Business Capabilities

Project your financials and business model vision

Sustainable Growth

Clear evidence leading to sustainable change and prominent achievements

Join The Societal Startup Community

Join the Societal Startup Community focused on making impact on livelihood of Independent Entrepreneurs of India. Creating inclusive communities and building a collective of young leaders.

Join The Societal Startup Community

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