• Fostering a Movement for Zero Waste.





“Zero-Waste” won’t happen overnight, and it might even take a year to go fully zero waste if that’s your goal. But you know what, you’re awesome for wanting to make this change and for making the effort.

Everyone’s zero waste journey is different. So never compare yourself to others. Get inspiration, communicate with other zero waste-ers in the process when you have questions or concerns, be supported by other people – not intimidated.

The Zero Waste Movement starts with You; making your family go Zero Waste; and then inflencing your Neighborhood.

You Learn

Start by understanding what it takes to go Zero Waste. Explore how others did it, what does it take and learn best practices. Visit a local Waste Collection center, befriend a waste picker and aquaint yourself with the waste trail.

You Do

Focus on making your family become zero waste. Donate your dry waste, compost your wet waste and dispose your reject waste responsibly. Reach a stage where you throw out less than a jar of reject waste a month.

You Lead

Form a Zero Waste Club and a core team that will lead the Zero Waste Movement in your neighborhood. Identify partners, reuse best practices and turn our community in a zero waste community.

Join the Zero Waste Champions Club in your City.

Zero Waste Champions have built Zero Waste Movement Journey with fresh and distinct concepts. The Club members get to guide citizens, schools, residential communities, corporate volunteers. Join the club and continue improving the Zero Waste Journey Content.

Testimonials from fellow Explorers.

  • Zero Waste is a movement and these are some wonderful steps to becoming a conscious citizen. While governments are doing their bit, we all must do our work too.

    Citizen, Gurgaon
  • It is wonderful how easy it is to start the Zero Waste Journey in our neighborhood with this app. However, we need a committed set of people who will drive this locally. Thanks. 🙂

    Citizen, Mumbai
  • Kudos to the team who created this simple step by step journey to becoming zero waste home & zero waste neighborhood.

    RWA Preseident, from Delhi

Zero Waste Movement in 5 Phases, 20 Milestones.

4 Milestones

Read (kuch padho, kuch dekho)

Start by knowing about waste, waste workers and those who have conquered it. Reading a bit before starting always helps set the context.

5 Milestones

Do (kuch karo)

Now that you know about it, what’re you going to do about it? Here is 5 step action plan, which if all of us do, we won’t have the garbage problem!

3 Milestones

Express Yourself (kuch bolo)

You would’ve heard them saying, “what difference would it make if only I change, and others dont”. They have a point! You got to infect others for the movement to grow.

5 Milestones

Connect (milo-julo)

What’s a vision if it is only one person’s vision. Only when millions dream together is when movements happen. Connect with waste workers to prime ministers and every body in between.

3 Milestones

Drive Change in your Community (kuch badlo)

There is nothing more powerful than a case-study to demonstrate how it works. Turn your community into a zero waste community, and prove it to the World.



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