Department of Stories

Stories are powerful. They truly understand us! Want to make a point or raise an issue? Tell a story.

Stories are all around us. They are what move us, make us feel alive, and inspire us. Our appetite for stories is a reflection of the basic human need to understand patterns of life — not merely as an intellectual exercise but as a personal, emotional experience. Stories are the way to reach out to people and emotionally connect.

We grew up listening to stories, didn’t we? It shaped our worldview and nourished our imagination. In fact, civilizations are built upon stories and gave rise to many more in the form of epics, fables, myths, legends, and poetry. Stories have the power to rope us into its make-believe world; we are shaped by the stories we read, see, and hear about in the society around us.

Imagine if you could use this very power to paint a picture of the society we would like to live in? Our view of the ideal society of the future. It could be imaginary and futuristic, but when told in a compelling manner, it is one step closer to becoming a reality.

The Department of Stories is a bold attempt to foster such stories into existence. We are calling for stories that are alive, sometimes dormant, inside your heads and hearts, waiting to be told. We urge them to step into the daylight, and take shape in the forms of words, pictures, melody.

Stories are in the pains of the downtrodden, and they are in the dreams of the young. We invite you to give them form. Spin us a yarn, tell us your story.

Programs by Department of Stories


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