UoC Mentors

Dear mentors,

Imagine how would it be if millions of young leaders could collectively attempt to alleviate poverty and seek dignified livelihood for independent entrepreneurs.

This is an opportunity for experienced corporate leaders, CEOs, start-up founders to guide young leaders into launching their start-up journey.

At UoC, we are forming a community of volunteer mentors whom we can count on!¬†We expect you to work with your mentee teams build clarity in vision, conceptualize their idea, design and do a quick pilot. We want you to encourage your teams and push them into ‘doing’ as soon as you can. A lot of us don’t move from our white boards for too long!

At the outset, you’ll help teams ensure they are not solving an academic or a make-believe problem but deliver relevant social impact. And your teams get a year or less to show progress!

Mentors are expected to spend a minimum of 2 hours a month for 12 months with each of their teams via video conference.

More details to follow post registration…