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An Active Citizen is a leader and advocate for civic participation, brings a community together and promotes citizenship in education. Through Active Citizen Fellows, UoC is nurturing mid school students to care about their community enough to change it. Fellows work with young citizens in mid-school in academia, who in turn work with their parents & local communities while at home. Make a difference locally and use digital tools to drive participation in,


Be An Active Citizen, Build Solutions

The Fellowship offers an opportunity for those from journalism, political science, management, technology and allied fields. The Fellowship also aims to support initiatives of grassroots activists / volunteers in the areas of governance, participatory democracy and empowerment of marginalized communities.

Fellows work for a year, on weekends.

Facilitate Active Citizenship in Schools

Fellows work with children, teachers, principals of an appointed school close to their location. Facilitate Active Citizenship & Leaders Program.

Join the Active Citizen Community

Our Alumni work in diverse roles, some as social entrepreneurs, some as student leaders, some within the education sector and some as policy researchers; all with a shared purpose of an active aware community.

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  • Who Are You?

    Our Fellows are leaders of the active citizenship movement. Besides passion and commitment to the vision, we look for leadership potential that can develop through the journey. Our Fellows are critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. We look for diversity in our Fellowship cohort, with varied levels of experience – college students, working youth, experienced professionals, and entrepreneurs.

    Fellows generally come from challenging corporate environment or studying in colleges. They need not take a gap year to pursue this fellowship. Prior experience of volunteering or social clubs is a big plus. Our Fellows are life long learners and looking to integrate a new form of impact based learning.

  • What would you do/learn?

    You will work with the community: You’ll work in pairs and take ownership of a Commons Project in partnership with local non-profits of your choice. It could be catering to the community you currently live in, work, study or a place you care about. It could also be research work that you publish under creative commons. This project will act as a learning-cum-developmental journey for you and team of volunteers you may build on the journey.

    You will work with school students: You’ll spend at-least 30 days in a school and facilitate Active Citizenship & Leadership Program. The program is integrated as a curriculum with UoC partner schools which is delivered over the year on Saturdays. Students will lookup to you as their role model to become active citizens. You will also get an opportunity to design community projects for children.

    You will work on yourselfYou will be a part of leadership program lead by industry mentors. You also get to practice the MIT U-Lab impact process, take Design Thinking practices to field and learn about basic social entrepreneurship methodologies from UoC Coaches.

  • For How Long?

    We would want you to stay connected with students and school forever. However the project lasts for one year that engages with you on weekends. 

    The ACF Fellowship engages you for 40 weekends (~ 80 days) spread over a year. 30 days (mostly Saturdays) for ACLP Program in schools + 30 days to complete your community project + 20 days to undergo a leadership program which is a mix of online sessions and meet-ups. 

    The program design allows for employees and students to continue working/studies and participate in fellowship as well. However, considering the intensity of the program, we urge applicants to be doubly sure about their commitment before applying.  

  • Inviting Partners

    University of Commons is the choice of many corporate and universities to help build real world leadership. We invite institutes and organizations to partner with us and integrate learning via solving community service (service learning). Our fellows come from top tier colleges in India and our fellows show extra ordinary problem solving abilities in corporate environment.